It is summer again and the melancholic cozy feeling of the world never fails to be alongside it. I get most nostalgic during this time of year perhaps because it is shortly after my day of birth, the exact moment when yet another year passes with even more acceleration. I spent my last Independence Day bathing in the smoldering heat lakeside gazing intently at the burst of colorful explosives in the air one by one and then another. Fingers laced in between the ones of my lover. A few weeks from that moment we would be traveling across the country to consecrate our own independence. Four bulging bags and a delightful guitar, two of us on a greyhound bus three days long. Swollen with anxiety with only each other and our whole life that we carried, we began another chapter in our marvelous story. Another year has nearly passed and abiding in Oregon country has felt like home. And this was the way it was meant to be.

Wanderlust: is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. One word to describe who I am is this. I unfortunately cannot say that I live out this description of myself, although I yearn to do so with all my heart. And yet again similar to clockwork I have to urge to discover what may be oblivious to me in the world. I would wish to pack those belongings that display my weakness of sentimentality and leave all I know behind to make acquaintances with a foreign expanse. In other words, I tend to run away from contentment in the pursuit of something seemingly more fulfilling. Yes again I endure this same burden, however, the difference between those in the past and this moment in time is I wish to stay where I belong. I do not elude rather I incite what I believe to be a beautiful life to come. Anchoring myself to the beat of a different road. A route that bears fruit far beyond what I could have imagined and yet my travels are non-existent. My desire has been tamed and I await the next timely arrival. I shall welcome Wanderlust as a grand old friend.

Original posting: July 19, 2013